Window Cleaning- We wet and scrub the glass with an environmentally safe, biodegradable detergent. The window is wet and scrubbed from corner to corner and edge to edge with industry-standard equipment. When necessary, a glass-safe abrasive pad is used to remove stubborn dirt and contaminants. The water and dirt is professionally removed with a squeegee. Interlake details all edges with a low lint, recycled surgical towel, leaving a streak-, smudge-, spot-, and dirt-free window. Interior frames and sills are wiped dry of all water. Interlake removes organic environmental debris during a standard cleaning. Organic environmental debris is mainly composed of spider, bug, and bird excrement, dirt and dust. Substances not removed during a standard cleaning include paint, stain, concrete, stucco, drywall, silicone and other adhesives. These other substances can be removed but will typically incur additional charges. Interlake will remove and replace all screens unless mechanically fastened (i.e., screws or tape). Interlake believes the most thorough cleaning of your glass is done within arm’s length. Interlake employs a variety of ladders to position ourselves for a thorough cleaning. All ladders in contact with your house or building are padded to protect the structure. While we have and use extension poles in certain circumstances, it is usually our last choice. Some other companies use the reverse, depending mainly on extension poles for reaching high windows.

Screen Cleaning-   We employ two primary methods to clean screens.  Mop and Towel:  The screen is wet/ scrubbed with our strip washer (what we wet the window with); the screen is wiped down with a towel and the screen frame is wiped.  Scrub and Rinse- Screens are removed to an appropriate cleaning area (drivewway), wet with a hose, scrubbed with a brush or strip washer, rinsed off, wiped down and replaced.  Because the screens are wiped down to avoid spotting, there may be a minor amount of towel fibers remaing on the screen. Screen cleaning is not typically included in your window cleaning and is charged as a separate service.

Gutter Clearing- You will receive a thorough clearing of your gutters, but Interlake cleans gutters to promote and maintain proper functioning of your roof drainage system, not for aesthetics. As such, there may be an inconsequential amount of debris remaining in your gutters. Interlake clears gutters by scooping out debris and placing it in a "gutter bucket." We then place a large sponge in the gutter and push it through the length of the gutter to pick up residual debris. The residual debris is scooped out and placed in the gutter bucket. The scoop and sponge method helps to limit the amount of debris that enters the drainage system. Downspouts are visually inspected for clogs. If a clog is detected, it will be cleared as part of the gutter clearing at no additional cost unless disassembly is necessary and the gutters are fastened with rivets or other non-removable fasteners. If disassembly is required for efficient cleaning, and permanent fasteners have been used, additional charges may be incurred.

Roof Blow- Roof blowing and clearing is not roof cleaning. Interlake offers roof blowing and clearing on roofs with pitches that are "walkable" to us. Roof blowing is an intermediate step to lengthen the time or possibly eliminate the need for some form of complete roof cleaning. Roof blowing is generally used to clear large accumulations or clumps of material and loose individual particles. It will not remove all debris on a roof. Interlake uses commercial-grade backpack blowers with an air speed of approximately 165mph. When Interlake performs roof blowing, we blow loose debris from roof surfaces to ground level. We attempt to blow debris away from decks, patios and similar living areas. However, we do not collect or remove debris from the property as part of our standard service. Interlake believes ground clean-up can be more affordably completed by landscapers, groundskeepers, or you the homeowner. However, if you would like us to handle this aspect of clean-up, we would be pleased to do so for an additional charge.

Moss Control- We apply chemicals known to retard the growth of moss. Moss control alone will not "remove" moss from a roof. The chemicals applied retard the growth of moss and create an environment extremely difficult to survive in. If the environment remains hostile to moss growth long enough, a roof will become clear of moss. Due to certain factors such as weather events, and our Pacific Northwest climate, the process is rarely 100% effective with a single application. Regular maintenance applications are suggested for best long-term results. Pricing for moss control is only for an application of chemicals. Some light scraping and clean-up can be performed for an additional fee.